Tuesday, December 30, 2008

S&TV3 Potato, Corn, Tartar Sauce, & Sauerkraut

Derek braves the unknown as he dives into Melanie's Baked Potato
dish! Go check her out at Don't Quit Your Day Job!

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Archerr said...

That looked really disgusting. I wouldn't have eaten it. Good for Derek for trying it. He's so cute when he does this stuff. :)

Starshine said...

I love his face when he takes a bite. he's like oh not so bad then it's like OOOOOOHHH GOD DISGUSTING!!! Great job Derek.

Here try Mashed Potates and BBQ sauce...lol something less disgusting

WyldGade said...

Oh Derek, you poor thing! That looked absolutely painfully disgusting. Maybe eggs and ketchup? Or eggs and hot sauce? Both of those are big around here.

RambleRedhead said...


You are a brave man - I would have never even touch it with a fork let alone put that in my mouth!

Gross gross but the video was fun to watch!