Thursday, February 11, 2010

S&T50 Prune Dick (Sorry Bjorn)

Episode 50 wishes a Happy Birthday to Leslie Nielsen, Tina Louise, and Burt Reynolds!

You betcha! New mixer, shopping, hi lesbians, TMI, and the Casina. Vacant and scrambled. Yeah, you like that?! Five packs a day! Put it in your mouth!

Oh Hey, don't forget to vote on the poll! What Gaga Song will Derek be...interpreting! DO IT!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

S&T49 Cooking Cat Food

Episode 49 wishes a Happy Birthday to Rosa Parks, Alice Cooper, and Natalie Imbrulia!

Quick history lesson. Apologies for the sound quality. Type 1 hoarding. Pig! Michael Jackson on the Grammys. Poor Haiti. Derek the terminator. Possible ZooCasts. Listen to the
BFO! Vote on the poll! Yes I know it's Just Dance. Bonus hair. Lady Gaga, be my friend.