Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There is no easy way to make this announcement as we have come to care very much about the lot of you. Stars and Tartan will no longer be releasing shows. Without going into a terrible amount of detail, Derek and I will be separating and ultimately divorcing. We have been having trouble for quite a few months and it has been decided that we should end things before we start hating each other.

We are thankful for the listeners who have been with us from the beginning and the support we were given by those listeners and our fellow podcasters.

I will still be bumming around as a listener, but my podcasting days are done. Without Derek and I, there is no Stars and Tartan.

Thank you again everyone, for everything.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

S&T56 Roast beef!

Episode 56 wishes a Happy Birthday to John Waters, Jack Nicholson, and Aaron Spelling.

Christian Slater was on Saved by the Bell. British TV is more real. Visits to the police, Applebee's, and the movies. Kick Ass get a thumbs up from the S&T. Nessa had no idea what a boner was. Cake balls! Auntie Vera's birthday is on May 7th! Send presents to PO Box 561, Woodland Hills, CA 91365! A new reason to go to Vegas. Derek's going to Scotland and may come back if Iceland cooperates. Beef burgers! It's tight.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

S&T55 Mike Tyson's Punchout In Your Ass

Episode 55 wishes a Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Montgomery, Seth Rogan, and Emma Watson.

Just call me hermaphrodite! We got a little captain in us. Scared of the Netty pot. Went to the casina! Fresh and Easy! Derek's new girlfriend from Paisley. Dug it in your butt. Pubies! Spit roast! In Scotland, fag = cigarette. Stars and Tartan Karaoke! Poker Face.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

S&T54 Find Nemo and Go on Captain Emo

Derek and Nessa bum around Disneyland for the day. Warning, the part where Derek and Nessa are on Space Mountain is super loud, sorry to your ears!