Thursday, December 4, 2008

S&T4 Clean Your Lint Trap!

Episode Four is full of neighborly love!
Go to on Dec 8,9,& 10th for a discount! The secret word is HOLIDAYS
Top Chef, Wicked the movie, and challenge accepted!
Be on the lookout for a new video on the web site soon!
Call is at 206-426-KNOB (5662)


Michael in Stuttgart said...

What a horrible neighbor! Would it be awkward to admit here that I did not even know that my machine has a lint trap? Maybe I should check sometime :)

Derek - you are the sweetest! You got yourself a wonderful wife there, and we can see that you make her happy, bless your good Scottish heart, dear!

Archerr said...

Your neighbor is a bitch. She should mind her own damn business and stop bothering you. How would she know if you were the last one to use the dryer? What a bitch.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

How about spreading some Christmas cheer to your neighbour? I sugggest a nice, festive cake—with dryer lint in it...

beefranck said...

"C**nty McLint-Trap" nearly killed me. Hilarious. :D