Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cookie Three Way

On a special episode of well who knows what to call this.
Nessa from Stars & Tartan, Miss Wes from Live it Up, & Christian from That's What She Said Podcast chitta chat about PNS Explosion, Ricky being old, and cookies with a dash of sound effects. For part two of this episode, go check out Live it Up in iTunes! Don't have iTunes, you can get it directly from Wes' web site!
For part three, go check out That's What She Said Podcast in iTunes or directly from Christian's (and Brian's) site!
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kim beaver said...

You guys are very funny! But I miss Derek - what have you done to him?

Stars and Tartan said...

No worries Kim, Derek will be back on the next show :)

Ron said...

The cookie shows were great. It also appears from Miss Wes' photo that Girlfriend has gotten some highlights since we last saw her ass in the Palm Springs.

Nessa, we need a report on that breaking news regarding the Miss Wes 'do.

Hugs to you and Derek!

PS Derek must have been polishing his knob and that was the reason for his absence. Correct?

Nessa said...

Well Ron, Miss Wes' hair seemed a bit darker then I remeber. That picture is an older one.

And Derek was off polishing his knob aka work. So you are CORRECT!