Thursday, January 29, 2009

S&T11 We Like it Bushy

Episode 11 is a sleepy cast!

Nessa is a wicked witch, NFN Nick your video is a'coming!

Last Chance Harvey, Toilet humor, Sex on Fire, Sorry Ricky!

Derek is a victim, American Idol is the best show ever Bjorn!

Story from Ye Old Scotland!

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Starshine said...

that is the most horride picture!!

kim beaver said...

Hey - you should se mine starshine :)

I loved the stealing story - how horrible and how great to share it!

Derek, your way of telling such a story is really unique - great job!

Wonderful podcasting again! Hey, I am Team Europe, too :)

Sasha said...

Thanks for the spoiler-free podcast! I was so happy and I was able to listen to it right away. =) I loved Derek's story of his childhood trauma. I adore hearing stories like that so please encourage more of that!

Kelley said...

Love you guys so much :-)