Thursday, January 7, 2010

S&T47 Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Episode 47 wishes a Happy Birthday to Paul Revere, Kenny Loggins, and Nicholas Cage.

Twenty-ten or Two thousand and ten? Chrima and New Years. Food poisoning, hurrah! Lunch with listener Alex. Mennonite vs. Amish. Racist! Racist! Sharing means caring, have a shot my n-word. Shout out to Foul Monkeys.

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1 comment:

erik98122 said...

OMG! Your trip on public transit had me howling! Welcome to my world. I ride the crazy train every day here in the Seattles and I could write a book on crazy shit I've seen. One of my favorites was the crazy lady who claimed to be on her way to visit the Queen of England and needed help adjusting her wig. I also saw a drunk old man take down his pant and proceed to poop in the aisle! Good times!!

Happy New Year guys!!

erik in the Seattles

and yes Nessa...Beth Ditto ROCKS!