Thursday, December 17, 2009

S&T45 Bugs and Boxes!

Episode 45 wishes a Happy Birthday to Eugene Levi, Duff Goldman, and Milla Jovovich...and Bill Pullman.

Chrima birthdays. Chrima breakdown. Push it! Chrima newsletters! #8 breakdown. Marital bliss shows its ugly head. Why do I have a crock pot box? We do not have bugs! Shoe boxes are good! I didn't delete it! Long distance dedication.

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Kathy said...

Winter Wonderland is my favorite and Jingle Bells and Silent Night and .... I love them all - and I ESPECIALLY love that the shows are NOT 20 minutes long including the Chrima Lullaby - Ho-Ho-Ho :)

Going to listen to this one in 6 minutes.

antman25 said...

Where is your address?

I want to send a Crimma card!