Thursday, April 23, 2009

S&T21 Panties For Sale or Taco for Tacos

Episode 21 wishes a happy birthday to Shirley Temple and Roy Orbison!
Derek's singing cast, sorry! Derek is angry at Susan Boyle and her eyebrows!
Derek shares a story about a co-worker and what a letter of recommendation should be!
New poll coming soon (! Thanks for the vidjo ideas!
Do Mexicans have castles? DQYDJ is not the same as PNS!

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Anonymous said...

Ewww.....the selling of the panties story was gross. Got a little throw up in my mouth thinking of what they do with them once they buy them. gross!

Sasha said...

We were listening to the podcast after we'd just had our breakfast and several times we had to plug our ears and cry.

Teri said...

As a matter of fact, Mexico has both pyramids and castles. Well, there's one castle that I know of in Mexico City from when Napoleon established his brother as the Emperor of Mexico - effen Europeans just can't keep their hands to themselves, right, Nessa?!