Thursday, March 26, 2009

S&T18 The Douchbags with Glasses

Episode 18 wishes Spock a very happy birthday!

Where is Kazitstan? Ding ding fever in full effect.

100% votes for more Scareoke! Vote for the song Derek should sing at!

A short story from Ye Auld Scotland and we don't live in a safe neighborhood, sorry Wes!

And we end with Derek's plumbing skills in the ghetto!


beefranck said...

I could not stop laughing at Derek trying to unclog the toilet with his shirt. Comedy GOLD.

RambleRedhead said...

No shit - this episode was very funny! Derek thanks for telling us your crazy stories. You both are wonderful!

Melanie said...

Okay, the clogged toilet story trumps my "knock over the table in the nice restaurant on my first date with Lyndon" story, hands down.