Thursday, February 12, 2009

S&T13 Burning Down the House

Episode thirteen and Friday the thirteenth in the same week...spooky!

Nessa is walking on sunshine, obsession, & Guitar Hero.

Stories of Derek as a wee boy, cartoons, & American Idol picks.

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Archerr said...

Derek's story was so funny! I can't believe he burned the carpet in his bedroom and then blamed it on his brother. Too funny!

beefranck said...

Fun show!

Nessa, I feel your pain regarding the iPhone obsession. I CAN'T STOP MESSING WITH IT. My husband asked me if he needs to dress up like an iPhone to get my attention now. He did not like my response.

Kevin Bee said...

Told you about the iPhone. How did you ever live your life without it? We must have all been dead.

kim beaver said...

Hilarious is that Derek's brother believed it himself - quite a family! :)

We should have an i-poll, what's your favorite app?

Sasha said...

I am so loving Derek's "wee boy" stories. He's hilarious, srsly. Nessa, I also love hearing how you've fallen under the evil spell of the iPhone. I really love the apps so much I have insufficient words.